Corporate Social Responsibility

For over 30 years Elegant Marbles has been a trusted stone supplier for prominent clients and projects. In the decades long run EM has witnessed the ups and downs of the social and economic environment in which it functions. EM’s factories, supplier-partners, stockyards, showrooms, and offices are have treated every challenge as an opportunity.

Environmental preservation efforts in terms of proper segregation and waste disposal, emissions reduction, and waste water cleaning and purification are some examples of our efforts towards shrinking our carbon footprint.

A cause EM particularly cares for is the education of the the girl child in India. In furthering our support towards the cause we have partnered up with the Trust M/s Ratnalal Kanwarlal Patni Foundation. We are blessed to have been given the opportunity and resources to help several young women receive a quality education which with set them on a upward trajectory in as a part of the India growth story.

EM strives to create shared value for its shared value for it shareholders, society and country.