Our Expertise

As India's premier importer & manufacturer of Italian Marble, Elegant Marbles & Grani Industries Ltd. has a demonstrated expertise in selecting & supplying high quality materials.  

Hand Selected Slabs & Blocks

Much like buying a diamond, materials are evaluated for their color, content, clarity, and consistency with consideration on how the vein structures lend to book match veining. Which means you will only find stones of exceptional quality, generally only a 9 or 10 on the international quality standard scale at our yards.

Exclusive Relationships at the source

From the prestigious Carrara Mountains to the European quarries, not only are we able to directly supply large quantities of consistent quality, but also we get exclusive access to some of newest materials presented by nature.

100% Transparent Process 

Mirror-polished, reinforced & ready to deliver, all our slabs are ready in their finest form for your inspection & approval prior to delivery so there are no surprises in your dream project.