Elegant Marbles is so excited to announce the brand new addition to our collection of luxurious natural stones – a bright white bundle of Estremoz marble. This incredible marble originates from the municipal city of Estremoz, Portugal. Here, nearly 80% of all Estremoz that is quarried yields a pink hue; however, Aria was able to secure a pure white bundle with creamy veins, which is an extremely rare find.

Aria Stone Gallery Estremoz Marble | Full Slab View
The Estremoz Elegant Marble. 



The History Behind Estremoz Marble

Estremoz, Portugal is a historic city surrounded by vineyards, chapels, and majestic castles. Estremoz is famous for their marble production. In fact, there is so much marble in Estremoz, that it is used nearly everywhere in the city. From stairs, doorsteps, fountains, and even pavement mosaics and facades of buildings, marble is all around! Coming in second to Italy, Portugal is the second largest marble exporter in the world and approximately 85% of all marble from Portugual is quarried from Estremoz.

Estremoz, Portugal. Image courtesy of Phillip Capper.
The Estremoz marble quarry. Image courtesy of The Voyageur.

What Does Estremoz Marble Look Like?

Estremoz marble typically comes in a wide array of colors – most slabs have a cream or rose backdrop due to the chemical makeup of the stone. Vein coloration throughout slabs can vary between hues of pink, cream, white, grey or black. Most marble slabs quarried from Estremoz are predominantly pink or rose colored; but on rare occasions, bundles like we have at Elegant Marbles Gallery are pure white with subtle veining.

Estremoz Marble Kitchen
Estremoz marble countertop and backsplash application. Image courtesy of Elizabeth Roberts Architecture.

How Can I Use Estremoz Marble for My Next Project?

As long as you take proper precautions, such as sealing your stone, the design possibilities for Estremoz marble are endless! Sealing your natural stone to prevent staining and etching will help keep your marble looking as pristine as the day you install it. This beautiful white Estremoz is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and floor applications – making for a bright and luxurious statement.

Estremoz marble kitchen island application. Image courtesy of ArchiExpo.