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We’re in Vetschau, a town in Brandenburg, Germany, and we have one of Europe’s most modern factories, which guarantees an important source of employment within a region with great potential for growth. We’re part of the Iris Ceramica Group and we also have a factory in Castellarano, a key location in the most important ceramic district in the world, the Sassuolo district. We’ve been here since 2003 and produce extremely high-quality porcelain stoneware for interior and exterior flooring and wallcovering. Our values bring us back to quality, sustainability and creativity.
We demonstrate quality through the discerning selection of raw materials, efficient production and the excellent relationships established with clients, collaborators and suppliers. Sustainability becomes tangible in our social engagement and promotion of an economy that doesn’t tolerate waste. Creativity is an inexhaustible source of energy necessary for contributing, thanks to the technical knowledge we possess, to creating high-profile contemporary architecture.

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